Real Estate Has Gotten Out Of Control

So real estate is a freaking nightmare right now! How did it come to this?

Like I said in my last post a lot has changed in my life in the last little while.  Business, love, family…almost everything is changing.

Most for the better

incorporated into all these changes is the need to find a new home and to find it quickly and with as little stress as possible. Stress will kill you you know. seriously. Google it. … OK are you back? freaked out about stress? Sorry man.

Anyway back to the madness, we call a real estate market right now. I haven’t moved in a long time, I like to think that I am a pretty well-informed guy about most topics in life and you would have to be living under a rock to not hear about how crazy the real estate market is right now but I tell ya, until you are in the thick of it and living it and having it tear you up you don’t know Jack (see what I did there?).

Now I really used to think to be a real estate agent or broker would not be that hard of a thing to do. Really, think about it, you read a few books, write a few tests and then people just come knocking on your door and want to give you ridiculous amounts of money to sit on your but and someone else buys your home.  It is really a crime when you think about it right? Well, I certainly got my eyes opened over the last few weeks. My agent, Brian Van Bart,  is a real estate broker in London Ontario. The dude is freaking smart. But that is only one quality of him because he is also super patient and I know this because I have likely pushed him the brink a few times already! Sorry, Brian! I guess i will just stick to being a car parts manufacturer

I have seen the stress on his face when we are one of 8 people bidding on a house. I mean the guy really is putting his heart and soul into this job, he is definitely not sitting on his arse waiting to collect a pay check. I have called him up and said “I saw this place down the street I am on can you arrange a viewing and meet me in 15 minutes?” and the freaking guy comes through and shows up! Unfortunately, we didn’t get the property but that is because I am cheap and also stubborn when he told me the offer would not likely stand much of a chance. .. Oh yeah did I mention he is experienced and actually knows what he is doing, can read the market and knows how to play the multiple bid game?

Anyway I know we will get the right place for me to continue this journey ahead. I hope it is soon, Brian doesn’t need any more stress from me. Stress! you had forgotten about it for a few minutes, hadn’t you!

Until next time, check out this Facebook video listing from Brian. Pretty sweet place!