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Moving On

Lots of changes happening around the world! Wholly hell what is going on out there? The US president is a complete gong show, terrorism is threatening just about everything.

Pop music still sucks.

The Kardashians are all still alive somehow and extremely rich. On has even changed gender.

Seriously what is going on out there!

Luckily we still have the internet and blogging to vent these frustrations, talk about all type of culture (not just pop culture although there will be plenty of that as well), food and food trends, tv and just about anything other thing that anyone wants to talk about.

Drop me a line and let’s get this thing rolling again. I won’t be posting a tonne of things for a while as there have been major changes in my personal life as well as business life but I will try to get as many posts up here as possible.

I look forward to hearing from each and every single person out there that wants to give me their opinion on something, point something out to me, shout at me, or just be a simple internet troll…