What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…Almost Literally…

So here’s a funny story.  This past weekend I was at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Just me and 23 of my closest friends, what trouble could we possibly get in right? I mean nothing wild ever happens in Las Vegas and especially nothing ever happens when there are 24 drunk middle age idiots together, all trying to out do the next with their own stupidity.

The first evening went pretty much as expected. We all arrived at different times so most of us just checked into the hotel (which will rename nameless for my own security and sanity) and hit the casino floor to pretend to gamble and start drinking heavily.  By 10pm everyone had congregated on the casino floor and we were raring to hit the first club. Good enough. The first club was pretty fun, lots of shots and a few slapped faces and we were on our way to the first strip club.  It was kinda out of this world for this guy! Anyway I guess that is the way things are done in Vegas so fun times were had by all.  A few tame idiodic stories but all-in-all it was just a good sold night for a bunch of buddies to reminis and chill out.

So I know this story is starting slow but hang with me a minute.

The second night. The second night was WAY more interesting.  So we started teh day around 2pm back on the csion floor and taking advantage of all those free drinks. By dinner time my buddy had managed to meet some hollywood exec types at the craps table and, not surprising to any of us, he got us invited to the penthouse suite for a party later on!

12am:  We stroll into the penthouse suite like we own the joint.

12:15am: Mike Tyson just about knocks the groom out because he (the groom) won’t stop yelling something to Tyson about how great The Hangover is and blah blah blah. We manage to get the champ calmed down and the party continues.

12:30am Shots with 4 Victoria Secret models and then a dip in the pool. Clothing was optional. I am not kidding.

From then until 4am is a blur

4:30am My buddy receives a text form another guy in our party. HE IS ARRESTED and in jail. Seriously. He can’t really tell us why and we don’t know 100% why yet.  I don’t think we ever will know. A few minutes later he texts again and said he got bailed out from the rich Hollywood exec guy by paying a bail bondsman!

Special shout out to http://www.lasvegasbailbondsnow.com 

for getting my buddy the hell out of dodge super fast! If you are ever there and in jail (LOL) i would definitely recommend these dudes.!  as for me i think my vegas days are just about finished.

thanks for reading

till next time. bail-bonds