Have I been Living in a Cave!?

So I just wrote about how surprised I am about the real estate market, but now I may have found something completely different to wonder at.

The wedding and everything that comes with its market.

Wholly shit!

What a humongous business place this is, and I guess it totally makes sense.  Most people need so much for their dream weddings. Everything from a venue, accomodations for quests while at the wedding and pre wedding services, showers, flowers, gifts, more gifts, caterers, transportation, bridal gowns, tuxedos, and of course the jewellery. The Rings! You can’t forget the diamond rings!

Speaking of diamond rings….agian wholly sh*t !

So I know that diamond rings are the signature of a marriage and some women like a huge rock when some are ok with ‘just’ a small one. Some want crazy clusters and some just want the freaking thing to sparkle like it belongs in the queens’ cabinet.

I have been down this road before and actually looked at engagement rings but never pulled the trigger…thank goodness! However, I do have a great friend that is in the market to buy a ring and we have been doing a bit of talk ing about it lately. Obviously, it stresses him out even though his soon to be fiancee is ‘fine’ with just a little ring that comes from the heart.  Honestly, if there ever was a girl that would be ok with this it is probably here, she is an absolute sweetheart and so down to earth….but may be let’s see if the ring changes all that! Ok, Ok enough of that talk. Back to the engagement ring talk.

So buddy has been to several jewellers and he can seem to find one that A: he trusts and B: that he trusts to get the ring right. He has seen many ring sets and many diamonds but none match the one in his head. So he found this website on line that is all about custom engagement ring design. The site is called www.engager-rings.com appropriately enough and not only can they help you figure out what you want in a ring but they have this awesome app for your phone that you can download for free and design your own engagement rings! It’s so awesome. The app is really user-friendly and very intuitive for a precise thing like designing your own jewellery. So my friend is saving thousands of hours driving around and sitting through sales pitches with questionable jewellers now and actually just designing his own engagement ring.

He still better get it right though! I mean this app is cool and saving him time (which we all know is money!) but if he designs something that sucks it will be the start of the end I am sure!

I will update everyone when it is finished, so far he is extremely happy with the results.

Till next time stay cool and don’t run off and do something dumb like get married.

Sorry Brian 🙂