Everythign You Need to Know About Golf Simulators

Are you a golf lover who needs to work on your swing in the off-season? Or maybe you’re looking for a fun way to entertain guests at your next party? Look no further than golf simulators! These indoor setups allow you to practice your game or play virtual rounds without ever leaving home. Best of all, they come in a variety of types to suit any golfer’s needs.

The most common type of golf simulator is a full studio setup. This option includes everything from the screen and projector to the sensors that capture data about your swing. These simulators can be quite expensive, but offer incredibly realistic gameplay and feedback that can help players improve their skills. Some also come with preloaded courses from around the world, allowing you to experience different challenges without leaving your own home.

If budget is a concern, there are also more affordable options available.


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Heating and Cooling Services

HVAC done Right, The First Time.


When it comes to heating and cooling services, you want nothing but the best. After all, your HVAC system is responsible for keeping you comfortable in your home or office all year round. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best HVAC services in Ontario that offer top-notch quality and exceptional customer service.
The first on our list is ABC Heating and Cooling, which has been providing outstanding HVAC services for over 20 years. From air conditioning repair to furnace maintenance, their team of experts can handle any job with ease. Their customer service is also exceptional, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention and care.

Next up is XYZ Mechanical Services, a company specializing in both residential and commercial heating and cooling needs. They offer 24/7 emergency repair services, making sure that their clients are never left out in the cold (or heat!).

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Comemrcial Cleaning in Mississauga

Are you in need of a spotlessly clean office or business space? Look no further than commercial cleaning services! These services are designed to provide top-notch, reliable cleaning for all types of commercial settings. Whether you’re running a bustling restaurant, managing an office building, or overseeing a retail store, hiring expert cleaners will ensure that your space remains impeccably clean and organized.

When it comes to finding the best commercial cleaners in Mississauga, there’s no shortage of options. From small family-owned businesses to large franchises with nationwide reach, there’s something for everyone. No matter which company you choose, you can rest assured that they’ll use only top-quality products and equipment to get the job done right. Plus, with flexible scheduling options and tailored packages designed to meet your specific needs and budget – it’s never been easier to keep your business looking its best!

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Automotive engineering at it’s best

Sometimes I am just completely shocked at the way automotive companies change vehicles.  I sat in the interior of my car the other day and it seriously felt like the cockpit of a spaceship.  Literally there were buttons everywhere, lights that did this and that, and the fact that my car only goes on gas half the time really says the times have changed. Sometimes i feel like i looked around at is so much i was giving myself eye strain and needed to see my optometrist about my  IPL for dry eyes again!

So, i did some research into the top automotive console manufacturers in Ontario and found out that really there are only a few different companies that make all of these fantastic gadgets that you take advantage of when you sit in the cockpit of your new Chrysler vehicle.

There are a ton of different type of automotive interior trim manufacturers out there but none that do such a good job s cpk interior products. They are able to produce cast skin products, production sequencing, injection moulding, and many other engineering feats in order to be one of the top automotive suppliers in North America.

Instrument panel manufacturing is not a business that you can just start and be successful overnight. You need a lot of start-up capital and a lot of work to get a sequencing company off the ground.


to see more about Chrysler and their cars click here to see their video:


5 Accessories For A Better Workout

Finding time to work out is hard enough, so it is important that each workout is done as efficiently as possible to achieve maximum results in less time. Here are 5 easy to get accessories that you can use to maximize your next workout and a brand new gym  that is making it easy to get the best group training classes in London, Ontario in.

F45-White Oaks - London

Wearable Weights

By adding weight and resistance to your body as you exercise, you force yourself to exert more force thus building your strength and endurance. The extra exertion of force in your workout also helps you burn more calories and adds variety to your routine. Ankle weights and wrist weights are the most popular form of wearable weights and are especially good for stationary exercises.

Biometric Clothing

Level up your fitness tracking and be on-trend with wearable tech. Depending on your focus and budget, you can buy shirts, leggings or even sports bras equipped with sensors then measure heart rate, muscle activity, breathing rate and other measures of workout intensity. These measures are likely to be even more accurate than your typical smartwatch, allowing you to get more accurate results and real-time feedback.

Stability / Exercise balls

Posture and core strength are key elements of a fit physique. Exercise balls maximize targeting of your core and can be easily integrated into many exercise routines.

Fingerless Gloves

These are a gym must-have. Frequent weight lifting or use of certain machines can quickly lead to uncomfortable callouses. Using fingerless gloves will protect your hands whilst still ensuring you achieve a good grip.

Pesticides And Chemicals

Coffee is one of the heaviest sprayed crops in the world. This is not to be taken lightly as these harmful chemicals and pesticides have shown over the years to cause serious harm.

Coffee Stimulates Hydrochloric Acid Production

Coffee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning encourages the production of hydrochloric acid. HCI is designed by the body to assist in the breaking down of food but if stimulated without due reason, the body may begin to find it difficult to produce when large meals are consumed. Coffee causes the relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter, causing this small muscle to remain open. Therefore, allowing hydrochloric acid to burn the lining of the stomach.

Over Consumption Can Cause Stress

The abuse of coffee promotes the release a stress hormone by the name of cortisol. This encourages the body to go into “fight or flight” mode.

Headphones & Mobile Wristbands

Music can be a great motivator and help make workouts more enjoyable. A simple pair of adjustable headphones is a great accessory especially for workouts like running, jogging and weightlifting. Use with a mobile wristband to keep your phone, iPod or mp3 player nearby but not in the way. Or better yet, invest in a pair of wireless headphones and a smartwatch or fit band that plays music.

With persons making less money while working longer hours, a usual gym membership has become somewhat of a fairytale as so many of continually tell ourselves it is real but come to find out we can’t afford it or we simply don’t have the time.

Luckily yet again we find that human intervention has always seemingly been at the root of our problems but still within the solution as it seems the kettlebell was created to fit those needs.


What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…Almost Literally…

So here’s a funny story.  This past weekend I was at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Just me and 23 of my closest friends, what trouble could we possibly get in right? I mean nothing wild ever happens in Las Vegas and especially nothing ever happens when there are 24 drunk middle age idiots together, all trying to out do the next with their own stupidity.

The first evening went pretty much as expected. We all arrived at different times so most of us just checked into the hotel (which will rename nameless for my own security and sanity) and hit the casino floor to pretend to gamble and start drinking heavily.  By 10pm everyone had congregated on the casino floor and we were raring to hit the first club. Good enough. The first club was pretty fun, lots of shots and a few slapped faces and we were on our way to the first strip club.  It was kinda out of this world for this guy! Anyway I guess that is the way things are done in Vegas so fun times were had by all.  A few tame idiodic stories but all-in-all it was just a good sold night for a bunch of buddies to reminis and chill out.

So I know this story is starting slow but hang with me a minute.

The second night. The second night was WAY more interesting.  So we started teh day around 2pm back on the csion floor and taking advantage of all those free drinks. By dinner time my buddy had managed to meet some hollywood exec types at the craps table and, not surprising to any of us, he got us invited to the penthouse suite for a party later on!

12am:  We stroll into the penthouse suite like we own the joint.

12:15am: Mike Tyson just about knocks the groom out because he (the groom) won’t stop yelling something to Tyson about how great The Hangover is and blah blah blah. We manage to get the champ calmed down and the party continues.

12:30am Shots with 4 Victoria Secret models and then a dip in the pool. Clothing was optional. I am not kidding.

From then until 4am is a blur

4:30am My buddy receives a text form another guy in our party. HE IS ARRESTED and in jail. Seriously. He can’t really tell us why and we don’t know 100% why yet.  I don’t think we ever will know. A few minutes later he texts again and said he got bailed out from the rich Hollywood exec guy by paying a bail bondsman!

Special shout out to http://www.lasvegasbailbondsnow.com 

for getting my buddy the hell out of dodge super fast! If you are ever there and in jail (LOL) i would definitely recommend these dudes.!  as for me i think my vegas days are just about finished.

thanks for reading

till next time. bail-bonds

Have I been Living in a Cave!?

So I just wrote about how surprised I am about the real estate market, but now I may have found something completely different to wonder at.

The wedding and everything that comes with its market.

Wholly shit!

What a humongous business place this is, and I guess it totally makes sense.  Most people need so much for their dream weddings. Everything from a venue, accomodations for quests while at the wedding and pre wedding services, showers, flowers, gifts, more gifts, caterers, transportation, bridal gowns, tuxedos, and of course the jewellery. The Rings! You can’t forget the diamond rings!

Speaking of diamond rings….agian wholly sh*t !

So I know that diamond rings are the signature of a marriage and some women like a huge rock when some are ok with ‘just’ a small one. Some want crazy clusters and some just want the freaking thing to sparkle like it belongs in the queens’ cabinet.

I have been down this road before and actually looked at engagement rings but never pulled the trigger…thank goodness! However, I do have a great friend that is in the market to buy a ring and we have been doing a bit of talk ing about it lately. Obviously, it stresses him out even though his soon to be fiancee is ‘fine’ with just a little ring that comes from the heart.  Honestly, if there ever was a girl that would be ok with this it is probably here, she is an absolute sweetheart and so down to earth….but may be let’s see if the ring changes all that! Ok, Ok enough of that talk. Back to the engagement ring talk.

So buddy has been to several jewellers and he can seem to find one that A: he trusts and B: that he trusts to get the ring right. He has seen many ring sets and many diamonds but none match the one in his head. So he found this website on line that is all about custom engagement ring design. The site is called www.engager-rings.com appropriately enough and not only can they help you figure out what you want in a ring but they have this awesome app for your phone that you can download for free and design your own engagement rings! It’s so awesome. The app is really user-friendly and very intuitive for a precise thing like designing your own jewellery. So my friend is saving thousands of hours driving around and sitting through sales pitches with questionable jewellers now and actually just designing his own engagement ring.

He still better get it right though! I mean this app is cool and saving him time (which we all know is money!) but if he designs something that sucks it will be the start of the end I am sure!

I will update everyone when it is finished, so far he is extremely happy with the results.

Till next time stay cool and don’t run off and do something dumb like get married.

Sorry Brian 🙂


Real Estate Has Gotten Out Of Control

So real estate is a freaking nightmare right now! How did it come to this?

Like I said in my last post a lot has changed in my life in the last little while.  Business, love, family…almost everything is changing.

Most for the better

incorporated into all these changes is the need to find a new home and to find it quickly and with as little stress as possible. Stress will kill you you know. seriously. Google it. … OK are you back? freaked out about stress? Sorry man.

Anyway back to the madness, we call a real estate market right now. I haven’t moved in a long time, I like to think that I am a pretty well-informed guy about most topics in life and you would have to be living under a rock to not hear about how crazy the real estate market is right now but I tell ya, until you are in the thick of it and living it and having it tear you up you don’t know Jack (see what I did there?).

Now I really used to think to be a real estate agent or broker would not be that hard of a thing to do. Really, think about it, you read a few books, write a few tests and then people just come knocking on your door and want to give you ridiculous amounts of money to sit on your but and someone else buys your home.  It is really a crime when you think about it right? Well, I certainly got my eyes opened over the last few weeks. My agent, Brian Van Bart,  is a real estate broker in London Ontario. The dude is freaking smart. But that is only one quality of him because he is also super patient and I know this because I have likely pushed him the brink a few times already! Sorry, Brian! I guess i will just stick to being a car parts manufacturer

I have seen the stress on his face when we are one of 8 people bidding on a house. I mean the guy really is putting his heart and soul into this job, he is definitely not sitting on his arse waiting to collect a pay check. I have called him up and said “I saw this place down the street I am on can you arrange a viewing and meet me in 15 minutes?” and the freaking guy comes through and shows up! Unfortunately, we didn’t get the property but that is because I am cheap and also stubborn when he told me the offer would not likely stand much of a chance. .. Oh yeah did I mention he is experienced and actually knows what he is doing, can read the market and knows how to play the multiple bid game?

Anyway I know we will get the right place for me to continue this journey ahead. I hope it is soon, Brian doesn’t need any more stress from me. Stress! you had forgotten about it for a few minutes, hadn’t you!

Until next time, check out this Facebook video listing from Brian. Pretty sweet place!








New Site New Topics

Moving On

Lots of changes happening around the world! Wholly hell what is going on out there? The US president is a complete gong show, terrorism is threatening just about everything.

Pop music still sucks.

The Kardashians are all still alive somehow and extremely rich. On has even changed gender.

Seriously what is going on out there!

Luckily we still have the internet and blogging to vent these frustrations, talk about all type of culture (not just pop culture although there will be plenty of that as well), food and food trends, tv and just about anything other thing that anyone wants to talk about.

Drop me a line and let’s get this thing rolling again. I won’t be posting a tonne of things for a while as there have been major changes in my personal life as well as business life but I will try to get as many posts up here as possible.

I look forward to hearing from each and every single person out there that wants to give me their opinion on something, point something out to me, shout at me, or just be a simple internet troll…