Automotive engineering at it’s best

Sometimes I am just completely shocked at the way automotive companies change vehicles.  I sat in the interior of my car the other day and it seriously felt like the cockpit of a spaceship.  Literally their were buttons everywhere , lights that did this and that, and the fact that my car only goes on gas half the time really says the times have changed.

So i did some research into the top automotive console manufacturers in Ontario and found out that really there are only a few different companies that make all of these fantastic gadgets that you take advantage of when you sit in the cockpit of your new Chrysler vehicle.

There are a ton of different type of automotive interior trim manufacturers out there but none that do such a good job s cpk interior products. They are able to produce cast skin products , production sequencing, injection moulding , and many other engineering feats in order to be one of the top automotive suppliers in north america.

Instrument panel manufacturing is not a business that you can just start and be successful overnight. You need a lot of start up capital and a lot of work to get a sequencing company off the ground.


to see more about Chrysler and their cars click here to see their video: